E-Book: COOK, EAT, LISTEN: The Secret to a Healthy, Energetic Body - WITHOUT DIETING

E-Book: COOK, EAT, LISTEN: The Secret to a Healthy, Energetic Body - WITHOUT DIETING

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This E-book will teach you the COOK, EAT, LISTEN principles that over +1,000 Homemade Members have used to lose tens of thousands of pounds, reverse high blood sugars, blood pressure & cholesterol - WITHOUT dieting, restrictions or any crazy fitness regime.

Our COOK, EAT, LISTEN formula is simple, proven and it works: 7 Medical Clinics have referred patients to us.  And we have worked with organizations like Stanford Hospitals & Google.

And now, you can access the COOK, EAT, LISTEN formula in this e-book!


Welcome to the Homemade Cooking movement!  We are delighted to share a wonderful secret with you: Your body is an incredible machine designed to maintain homeostasis or balance – and that includes your optimum weight and health.  The Homemade weight loss program will teach you how to awaken, re-calibrate and prime your body’s systems, your thinking and your day to day habits so that achieving your ideal weight and health is something you can sustain and control with ease for the rest of your life.

Unfortunately, by following a diet containing too many processed foods, simple carbohydrates and refined sugars and by eating for reasons other than hunger such as stress, boredom, being overly tired or emotional reasons, we constantly override our bodies’ incredible regulatory systems.  Over time, they start to break down.  Your metabolism, insulin regulation and the hormones which regulate hunger and satiety stop working for you and start to work against you.  You don’t burn fat or calories as effectively, and you constantly crave sugar and simple carbohydrates – making you want to reach for a candy bar, pizza or fries!

Many people turn to diets, calorie counting or restricting particular foods to try to lose weight.  The problem is that this is basically pitting your willpower against your body’s demand for a certain caloric intake.  That is, you are telling your body not to eat when it is screaming at you to eat more.  When your body has become accustomed to a particular caloric intake, restricting those calories leaves you feeling deprived, drained, hungry and irritable.  If you reduce the calories drastically enough, your body can even go into ‘starvation mode’ which means it automatically slows your metabolism so you stop burning calories as effectively.  This is why losing weight is hard.  And although willpower can win out for a while, it eventually fails - leading to binge eating or falling back into your old patterns, which can quickly undo any benefits (and more).

This is why we created Homemade: because diets don’t work.  Our program will empower you to find a truly sustainable approach to weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes.  Therefore, Homemade is not a diet - it is a lifestyle.