Life-Changing Cooking in 12-Weeks (Go-Getter Package)
Life-Changing Cooking in 12-Weeks (Go-Getter Package)

Life-Changing Cooking in 12-Weeks (Go-Getter Package)

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Our signature 12-week online program is an easy to follow cooking, eating & mindset program, proven to get results. 

Our program provides everything you need to transform your health & weight - WITHOUT DIETING.

You will learn how to COOK easy, healthy & tasty meals no matter how busy your schedule.

You will enjoy our famous RECIPES that actually help re-set your hunger & satiety controls (say goodbye to cravings & binge eating).

And our unique MINDSET piece will transform your relationship with your food & your eating for lifelong results.

You'll get SUPPORT every step of the way from our Expert Team & Member community.

You'll be amazed at what you can achieve in 12-weeks with Life-Changing Cooking!

There's limited places available & our programs always sell out.

Next program starts: June 30.

"I used to cook virtually zero of my meals - maybe once a month. Now I'm cooking 11 out of 14 meals per week.  I lost about 40 pounds and I feel like I'm setting up habits that are easy to maintain for a lifetime" -Courtlyn S.

"I joined because it was time to take control back. I was thrilled with the results. I've had a lot less pain, taken a lot less medications, and my blood pressure had dropped pretty significantly - to very normal ranges." -Cyndee W.

"My husband just had his blood sugars done and they are down dramatically, his blood pressure is good, he's down about 13-14 pounds now. It's really using food as medicine. The proof is in the pudding!" -Malinda K.

"It's a humongous motivator to look at your videos and see how after just 3.5 minutes there's this amazing food that you can enjoy!" -Dan Z.