Introductory Class: Learn to Cook 3 Beautiful Dinners

Introductory Class: Learn to Cook 3 Beautiful Dinners

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Do you want to learn how to prepare several days of easy, healthy dinners in a matter of MINUTES?

Do you want to learn some of the easy, healthy recipes that our Members have used to support their weight loss and health improvements including reduced blood sugars, blood pressure & cholesterol?

Do you want to fill your house with the wafting aromas of some classic favorites that have had our Members' husbands and families literally CLAPPING?

Well, then join Homemade Founder, Anna Rakoczy, for this Video Cooking Adventure!

The oven is actually a really user-friendly, convenient and fast cooking tool, when you know how!  Our Roasting Video Cooking Lesson will teach you how you can use your oven to quickly & easily prepare meals for many days - including a whole roasted chicken, meats, vegetables.  

Our Video will walk you through the simple steps you need to follow to bake or roast the perfect dish so you can cook once and then enjoy healthy, homemade meals for days!

What our Members say abut this Video Cooking Lesson:

"It's a humongous motivator to look at your videos and see how after just 3.5 minutes there's this amazing food that you can enjoy!" -Dan Z.

"The rub and basting made the chicken look beautiful. The legs and dark meat came out really tasty. I had never cooked a sweet potato before. I cooked it just about as long as the chicken and it came out really nice. The chicken was a big deal for me since I'd never done it before." -Jen W.

"I had lots of fun! I have never really been that much of a cook when it comes to meat but these recipes and techniques are so simple and easy!" -Anne M

"I was so glad to see that there was enough meat for lunch the next days - chicken wraps and quesadillas - loved to be able to make three different dishes out of one cooking session!" -Irina S.

Here's what our Members cooked: These are 100% authentic Member photos!


What you get:


You'll get unlimited access to a Video Cooking Lesson to help you cook your 3 recipes with ease & confidence.

And we'll provide you with access to our Expert Support team if you have any questions along the way.


Receive a 25-page color recipe guide featuring all ofthe dishes from the video, a convenient ingredient shopping for all recipes in 1 page, an equipment checklist - and more.  So you can follow along & easily cook the dishes!

You will also receive 3 valuable FREE Bonuses:

FREE BONUS #1: Kitchen Whizz 3-Day Meal Plan

We're guessing you're busy.  The heart of our Members' success is in learning how to cook a variety of dishes in one cooking session, and then turn it into several days of nutritious & tasty  food. The Kitchen Whizz meal planner will show you how!

FREE BONUS #2:  Printable Time-Saving Cooking Checklist

The second key to our Members' success is in learning how to spend LESS TIME in the kitchen! This is what you will learn with our 10-point printable time-saving checklist - stick it on your fridge!

FREE BONUS #3: Decadent Pear & Chocolate Crisp Dessert Recipe

A Decadent Pear & Chocolate Crisp Dessert Recipe that you can make at the SAME TIME as your other dishes (and feel good about eating!)